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Last Updated: Sunday, 20 January 2008, 22:22 GMT
Masters final as it happened
Sunday's final at Wembley
Best of 19 frames

Mark Selby (Eng) 10-3 Stephen Lee (Eng)
50-65, 124-1 (124), 88-0 (88), 21-77, 13-61, 76-16, 79-1 (60), 73-9 132-0 (132), 76-32, 72-52, 125-5 (125), 141-0 (141).

To get involved use 606 or text us your views & comments on 81111 (with "SNOOKER" as the first word). Not all contributions can be used.

By Elizabeth Hudson

2220: So that's one happy Jester from Leicester and it's goodnight from us here.

BBC Sport
"Selby has come of age here and he is an animal in the nicest sense of the world. It throws the betting for the World Championship wide open."
BBC pundit Steve Davis

BBC Sport
"Great show of delight from Selby. Fantastic effort by the lad from Leicester. First major title and I think the first of many.."
BBC Sport's Saj Chowdhury on 606

2213: A delighted Selby receives his glass trophy and is greeted by a scrum of photographers.

2211: Selby 10-3 Lee
A red from Selby puts him in a match-winning position and he punches the air in the delight as he knows that victory is his.

But better is to come as he finishes with a 141 clearance - the joint highest of the competition for his fourth century of the match and his sixth in the competition.

It is the third time in three years that the final has finished 10-3 and Selby become the first debutant to win the famous title for 19 years and is greeted with a hug from his girlfriend Vicky.

2205: Selby is in here and this could be a very short session. The half-century is up - his 16th in the competition and he can surely sense victory.

2202: The greats of Leicester are supporting Selby - including members of the rock band Kasabian who are at Wembley Arena and of course Willie Thorne - and I bet Gary Lineker is cheering him on as well!

2158: Willie Thorne and Dennis Taylor are in the BBC commentary box, the crowd are getting very excited and Selby and Lee are back in action. Selby to break.

Get involved on 606
"Selby has got to be world number one in two years."
watfordyellow on 606

Get involved on 606
"There will be no stopping this kid now, he is the best."
nigeweir on 606

2146: Hello to Juergen, Anke and baby Elias, who are watching Selby inching towards victory in east London.

BBC Sport
"Selby has not needed to be spectacular. Interesting to see if he holds his nerve after the interval."
BBC Sport's Saj Chowdhury on 606

2138: Selby 9-3 Lee
It's all Selby now and he wraps up another frame - his seventh in a row - with a clearance of 125. It's his third century break of the match and Lee is looking dejected and needs a miracle at this mid-session interval.

2133: Lee starts off with a superb long red but Selby is soon in again and is in the ascendancy. The half-century is passed. Looks like we are heading towards 9-3.

2126: Here we go, frame 12 - the last before the mid-session interval. To put it mildly Lee has got to win this to have any chance of winning. There have been some dramatic comebacks in this tournament so don't rule it out.

BBC Sport
"Selby is going to have to fall in a hole for Lee to win this match."
BBC pundit John Parrott

BBC Sport
"Selby looked slightly frustrated that he gave Lee a couple of chances in that frame. But he's 8-3 ahead."
BBC Sport's Saj Chowdhury on 606

2123: Selby 8-3 Lee
Lee puts together a break of 32 but with the scores tied at 52 apiece and all of the colours on the table Lee miscues the yellow and then misses a safety shot, leaving Selby the chance of the yellow.

He gets it and then puts away the colours up to the pink and Selby is inching closer to victory.

2114: A moment of haste from Selby and his break of 32 comes to an end with a missed red into the bottom corner. He leads 44-20 and this is a let-off for Stephen Lee who returns to the table.

2108: Lee certainly deserves a bit of luck but when he does get to the table he soon misses a red. The man from Trowbridge has a pained expression on his face as he sits back down again. It's advantage Selby once more.

2100: Frame 11 is progressing slowly and Selby is given a couple of chances thanks to some Lee fouls. If he keeps the pressure on here, it will be easy for the Jester from Leicester. Remember the winner is the first to 10 frames!

Get involved on 606
"Time for the epic fightback now, come on Stephen, you've had enough bad luck so next five frames coming your way.."
JFK2611 on 606

2055: Referee Michaela Tabb has to tell a member of the audience to turn off their mobile phone. Tut tut. I hope it's not our man at Wembley Saj - otherwise there will be stern words.

BBC Sport
"I feel sorry for Lee. He tried to go for it in that last frame but he had a bad run of the balls."
BBC pundit John Parrott

2052: Selby 7-3 Lee
It's too big a task for Lee in this frame as tries to get himself out of trouble but he fouls and concedes the frame.

2049: Oh dear, oh dear, it's catching. Selby also sends the cue ball into the pocket - Lee is back at the table and needs one snooker to have a chance of the frame.

Get involved on 606
"Would love to see Selby to go on and win. He could be part of a bright future for the game."
Keef1987 on 606

2047: There's been a bit of cat and mouse action here but oh dear, Lee goes for a red and it is the cue ball which makes it into the pocket. Here comes Selby again and this could be it.

2040: Selby goes for a black and splits the remaining five reds. He takes time with his shot selection and opts to go for a safety shot rather than go for one of the reds. He leads 50-27 - this is still anyone's frame.

2037: Lee is a bit careless with two escapes from snookers allowing Selby another couple of chances at the table. The man from Leicester takes a bit of time to spot a red for the middle pocket and he is back in business.

2031: Lee's enterprise gets him 27-0 up in the frame. But on his next visit to the table his sleeve touches one of the other reds on the table and he is penalised. Selby gets his chance. This could be costly for Lee.

2028: Lee gets to the table in frame 10 and rescues a potentially tricky situation with a double on the black and immediately follows that up with a length-of-the-table double red. Was he just trying to play a safety shot? Only the man himself can tell us!

BBC Sport
"Great start by Selby. Good ton from the lad. This might be an easier victory for him then I first anticipated."
BBC Sport's Saj Chowdhury on 606

2022: Selby 6-3 Lee
This has been a very impressive opening frame for Selby, sealed with a clearance of 132 which draws a roar of approval from his fans in the crowd.

2017: The crowd applaud a black which puts Selby 68 ahead with only 67 remaining and Lee needs a snooker to rescue the frame.

2015: Selby gets first run after Lee misses a long red and proceeds to make a half-century break, thanks to a pink into the bottom corner. He is going on and is looking good to extend his lead in the match.

"Lee needs to score more heavily than he did this afternoon. Selby has already proved himself as a big-occasion player." BBC commentator Clive Everton

Get involved on 606
"It should be 10-9 tonight"
Alex0paul on 606

2008: The players shake hands and it is Selby who gets matters underway in frame nine. Let battle commence!

2007: First out it's Stephen Lee and then Mark Selby, to the backdrop of some suitable gladiatorial-style music. Selby gets the loudest cheer from the 2,000-strong crowd.

2005: Tensions are rising as Mark Selby and Stephen Lee get ready to make their way out into the arena. The build-up is underway on BBC2, showing the afternoon session highlights.

1959: Be gentle with me - like my colleague Mark, who got you through the afternoon session, I too am a late injury replacement!

1957: This is your three-minute warning. Get ready for the completion of the Masters final from Wembley. I know it's late in the day but raise yourselves for one final effort.

Why not get involved by joining the debate with our man at Wembley Saj Chowdhury on 606 - or text us your views on 81111 (please start your text with the word "SNOOKER").

Play is due to resume at 2000 GMT.

By Mark Mitchener

1734: There's a 150,000 cheque awaiting tonight's winner. The match resumes with the evening session at 2000 GMT - when the lovely Elizabeth Hudson will be taking over live text duties here. In the meantime, you can continue discussing the snooker with Saj on 606, follow the closing stages of Man City-West Ham, or take a peek at the Africa Cup of Nations. But we expect you back here for the snooker at 2000!

BBC Sport
"It's far from over for Lee. To be fair to him he won't have to improve too much to get back into the match"
BBC Sport's Saj Chowdhury on 606

1727: Selby 5-3 Lee
It's not going Lee's way as he misses a long pink just when it looked like he might have made a come-from-behind stab at this frame. Selby ruthlessly clears the next few reds to put the frame beyond doubt, applauded by his girlfriend Vicky (with her earpiece still in). That's the session.

Get involved on 606
"Eight frames of snooker and Lee has not made a single 50 break. Is it possible to win a tournament at this level playing like that?"
Nigeweir on 606

1724: But Lee can't take advantage, and now the reds are nicely spread out for Selby to give himself the psychological boost of being 5-3 up at the session break. But after a miss at 61-0, it's back to another spell of cat-and-mouse.

1715: The crowd roars again as another well-crafted plant from Selby brings the first point of the frame. The commentators then talk about whether Selby should do a "reverse plant" - could that not be called a "weed" or a "root"? But after going 16-0 up, he mishits another plant which gives Lee a chance.

I remember going through a phase when I was about seven or eight, when I used to love watching the World Championship snooker on the telly. I'm sure it helped my mental arithmetic too. Favourite player? Ray Reardon.

1706: Selby 4-3 Lee
Selby misses a pink at 79-1 up and Lee concedes. Advantage to the East Midlander at this stage. Last frame of the session coming up.

1705: Selby's break ends at 60, but not for the frst time this evening, Lee is back in action with a pot that goes the full length of the table. But a poor shot lets Selby back to the table, and some rapid reds and pinks see him well on the way to the frame.

Get involved on 606
"Would be great for the crowd for this match to go level into the evening session. Really keep everyone on the edge of their seats"
Bigstevie5 on 606

1658: Selby is soon in charge with a sequence of four reds and four blacks. But the 147 is out of the question after he has to take a blue to the middle pocket. The break reaches the half-century mark - can he make it to three figures?

BBC Sport
"I can see Selby soon putting himself among the elite six for a few seasons"
BBC Sport's Saj Chowdhury on 606

1649: Selby 3-3 Lee
Selby despatches the remaining reds and draws level overall. Two more frames to go in this session.

Get involved on 606
"Selby is missing too many easy chances. Despite these 6-5 wins this week, I still need to be fully convinced about Selby. He's only 24 so his best years should be ahead, and experiences like this will help him mentally in future"
Hawick on 606

1646: Some scrappy play from both players as the game slows a little. But with the four remaining reds finally dispersed to all parts, Selby cuts a red into the middle pocket which the commentary team think is "frame ball". Can he do it from here?

1638: A fluent pink from Selby gets the Leicester man back up and running again. Some steady progress sees him 44-11 up with six reds left on the table.

Get involved on 606
"Selby seems to play better when losing so Lee ought to watch out - or maybe play the mental game and let Selby go a frame or two up!"
Bigstevie5 on 606

1630: Lee breaks off for frame six, and the black is very far from its usual home in the early stages, up near the blue. JV lauds a great safety from Selby, but it can't stop another good long pot from Lee. The white is soon entangled in the midst of the pack of reds, and another foul-and-a-miss from Selby boosts Lee's score.

BBC Sport
"That was a 32-minute frame only because of that missed pink from Lee. He came good in the end though"
BBC Sport's Saj Chowdhury on 606

1621: Selby 2-3 Lee
Lee finally breaks the deadlock by potting the remaining red. With just the colours left, Selby's so far behind now, he concedes.

1618: Eventually, Lee takes charge and removes most of the remaining reds. He's eager to take the next shot, he barely waits for Michaela to re-spot the blue. But another careless miss, this time on a pink, lets Selby back in. With one red remaining, he's 60-13 down and needs a snooker or two at this stage. Selby is not willing to take a backward step, and it's a little tedious for a while. "This frame should have been over", says JV (John Virgo), and he's right.

1611: Selby slams in a long red - he's clearly very popular in this crowd, and not just with his earpiece-wearing girlfriend (see 1440 entry). But it's cat and mouse, with neither player seemingly able to pot more than two balls consecutively at this stage, even from good positions.

Text in your views on 81111
"My highest break is 96. I've always placed the white next to the yellow and hit the end red with lots of side. It never fails!"
Jack, Barking, via text on 81111

Text in your views on 81111
"I was just a regular fan but it still shocks and saddens me when I read the 'late' Paul Hunter. Our thoughts are still with those who were closest to him"
Gareth, via text on 81111

1603: Fortune favours the bold - and it favours Lee when a fierce cannon rebounds kindly for him. He leaves the table after another safety shot while 35-7 up. But Selby's safety play has not been as good as his opponent's, and a tentative stroke lets the Wiltshire man in again. But Lee misses a careless red, which he'll be kicking himself over. Six reds left on the table, all bunched together, until Selby gives them a good whack to disperse them.

Get involved on 606
"Stephen Lee is really looking like he is enjoying this. I wonder if Selby is noticing that"
Nigeweir on 606

1558: Selby is 22-7 down when he leaves the pink hanging squarely over the top pocket. It leaves that pocket out of commision for a while. Lee sinks a red which "knocks three times and gives the password" (according to John Virgo) and goes in off the jaws of the pocket. Slight advantage to Lee at this point.

1549: We're back under way, with Willie Thorne and John Virgo replacing Clive'n'Dennis in the commentary box. A terrific pot from Lee - will it set the tone?

1543: The BBC TV coverage remembers the late snooker star Paul Hunter, who was always closely associated with the Masters (winning it in 2001, 2002 and 2004), and lost his battle with cancer in October 2006. It also interviews Welsh youngster Daniel Wells, who was the first winner of the Paul Hunter Scholarship set up in his memory.

BBC Sport
"Lee looks pretty calm out there. Both are on top of their games today. There are a couple of mistakes here and there, but neither are being overly cautious so mistakes will creep in. Great to see Lee take ambitious shots"
BBC Sport's Saj Chowdhury on 606

BBC Sport
"Selby has momentum - he's played great for the last 18 months, but Lee is a great player in his own right, and he clearly has confidence"
BBC pundit John Parrott

1530: Selby 2-2 Lee
More impressive safety play from Lee, and when Selby misses from distance, Lee decides to put him in again. It leaves Lee in a good position, and he confidently despatches a few more reds to draw level at the mid-session interval. Selby concedes the frame at 77-21 with two reds still on the table.

Get involved on 606
"Cheering for Selby today on the account of the fact his girlfriend is Irish. Desperate? You bet. But I have to have something to do on Sunday to avoid cleaning the house"
RARD on 606

1524: With Selby leading 54-0, the crowd roars as a cannon brings Selby's first point of the frame. But a break of 21 is halted when he misses a red into the top corner. Six reds left, and a confident plant by Lee (a plant which resulted in a pot - therefore a potted plant?) brings him back into action.

1516: Selby employs four cushions, but misses by a whisker. Michaela calls "foul and a miss" for the first time this afternoon. He goes for the same shot again, and this time it doesn't even reach the reds. Another miss. The next one misses by half a whisker. The two players exchange some banter, while Selby hits attempt #4 a little harder and finally makes contact.

1513: Lee sinks another monster long red before hiding the white behind the brown just on the edge of the "D" to test Selby's "escape" skills again.

1508: Lee carefully circles the table before employing the rest and his cue extension to pot a long red. Clive and Dennis (who have the aid of Hawk-Eye - I thought that only did LBWs?) think he should have gone for the cannon. But he recovers with a carefully-placed black which is polished by the white-gloved Michaela Tabb before it is returned to its spot. That extends Lee's break to 36, although the reds are still mostly clustered together. He leaves the table after playing a safety.

1503: An early misplaced shot by Lee lets Selby in if he can sink a long pot... which he can't manage. Can Lee get back in on the action?

Get involved on 606
"Great play by Selby so far. Hopefully he'll start to build up a big gap so he'll show his credentials as a front runner"
Oneball2 on 606

BBC Sport
"Mark Selby has also played pool, and I'm sure even if he took up billiards, he'd be pretty good at it"
BBC pundit Steve Davis

Get involved on 606
"Just think Mark, you can now put on your CV that you have written a legendary BBC Sport live text commentary on The Masters Final 2008!"
Readie111 on 606 [The excitement is not quite as high as it was for me while working on cricket's World Twenty20 last year - but give it time! MM]

1457: Selby 2-1 Lee
A careful long pot from Selby, and Lee just can't get to the table in this frame - it's 20 minutes since he potted a ball. The Leicester man has a determined expression as he chalks his cue. Some careful cannons and plants gradually bring the reds into play - and with five reds left on the table, Lee already needs snookers. Selby finishes with a rapid break of 88, and that's the frame already.

BBC Sport
"Great break from Selby. I don't think Lee will be too fussed about being so cavalier early in this match. If he feels good about his game then he'll continue to play in that fashion"
BBC Sport's Saj Chowdhury on 606

1453: Dennis Taylor praises referee Michaela Tabb for having "the steadiest hands" in the business after she carefully re-spots a pink between a cluster of reds. Meanwhile, Selby's off again with another break approaching the fifty mark.

1448: A brief BBC TV profile between frames sees Selby reveal that he and Vicky (and her earpiece) have been together for a year now, and she's a big influence on his career. His vast official website includes a picture of the happy couple in Austria.

1445: Selby 1-1 Lee
A round of applause as Selby's break reaches three figures. He rattles off the remaining colours for a superb break of 124 to level the match.

1444: Clive Everton senses a "clean kill". (I went for a curry with him, Phil Yates and some of the other snooker journalists after that final in 2001, if that boosts my snooker "street cred" further). Selby disposes of the remaining reds - the break is up to 97 with just the colours to go.

1440: That miss leaves the frame rather open for Selby to take control. His girlfriend Vicky (who plays eight-ball pool for Ireland) is watching from the crowd, listening to the BBC commentary via an earpiece and looks a little bashful when commentators Clive Everton and Dennis Taylor mention her, as her boyfriend's break passes the 50 mark.

1433: Another good long pot from Lee earns him a round of applause. But then he misses one which rolls along the top cushion and misses both pockets - sort of like a shot from outside the area which hits the post, rolls along the goal-line, hits the other post and rebounds to safety.

1430: Before a point is scored, Lee uncorks a wicked safety shot. The white is tucked almost completely behind the blue on the bottom cushion. But Selby, with the aid of a couple of cushions, avoids the foul by carefully sending the cue ball down among the scattered reds.

BBC Sport
"Lee nearly missed that final pink. Maybe the luck will go his way today. He said in his news conference after the win against Ebdon that he was going to the gym and not partying like he used to"
BBC Sport's Saj Chowdhury on 606

1428: So, it's first blood to Stephen Lee. (Did I mention that my mother grew up in Trowbridge?). Selby breaks off, and this time the reds are scattered wider than they were in the first frame.

1426: Selby 0-1 Lee
More adrenaline from Lee as he overscrews the blue. He needs the pink to take the frame - and it just goes in. As David Coleman would say, "One-nil!"

Text in your views on 81111
"Ceefax? Final stages? UK Champs? 2001? That's vast enough for the likes of us!"
Gareth, via text on 81111, referring to my lack of snooker reporting experience

1423: Lee wipes his brow with a white face flannel as Selby calmly knocks in the last red - can he complete the clearance? No - he misses the green. Can Lee win the frame from here?

1421: Lee takes the lead for the first time with a black to put him 47-41 up, but what will he do with that last red that looks safe? He tries to hammer it in, but it wobbles out.

BBC Sport
"Lee has performed well, but not brilliantly during this event. He hasn't had to. But he's taken his chances. Against Marco Fu he took advantage of nearly every gift"
BBC Sport's Saj Chowdhury on 606

1419: Lee knocks off the remaining stray red away from the pack, with just four cherries remaining. One of them now looks safe, but he's fast closing on Selby's score.

1417: But Selby can't take advantage. Lee tries to break up the pack with a cannon, before the rest makes its first appearance of the final as he slides a blue into the middle pocket.

1414: Lee is on the scoreboard with a careful long potted red, followed by a crafty blue to bring the cue ball back down towards the reds. But when he tries another long one, the white squirms into the middle pocket, provoking a wry smile from the Trowbridge cueman.

Get involved on 606
"I think Lee will win it, since the quarter-finals I've had a feeling he would. But I like Selby too"
MLONC on 606

1412: Selby cautiously compiles a break of 37 but misses a black to the top pocket when he loses position - leaving the black near the side cushion.

BBC Sport
"I do enjoy watching Mark Selby play, as he gets the cue in a straight line"
Snooker star and BBC summariser Dennis Taylor

1407: Some early nerves as both players' first attempts to pot reds see the balls rebound away from the jaws of the pockets. Selby is first on the scoreboard with the first red.

1405: The players pose next to the trophy. Referee Michaela Tabb, who today becomes the first female to referee a major snooker final, announces "First frame - Mark Selby to break".

1404: The tournament's MC, clearly a man who wishes he was in Las Vegas announcing world heavyweight boxing, announces Lee and Selby to the crowd ("Let's get the boys on the baize!").

BBC Sport
"Stephen Lee is a proven winner but not in much form, while Mark Selby is in the form of his life. With eight frames this afternoon and a possible 11 this evening, stamina will be a factor"
Snooker legend and BBC pundit Steve Davis

1402: The build-up is under way on BBC2, showing us some highlights of the tournament so far.

1358: My previous experience with snooker is not vast (hey, I'm a late injury replacement!) but I was there for BBC Ceefax for the final stages of the UK Championship in York in December 2001. That final was rather one-sided, with Ronnie O'Sullivan beating Ken Doherty 10-1 - I hope for a closer-fought final today!

1355: As ever, there's a whole host of live sport today that you can follow here on the BBC. Jonathan Stevenson is your man for today's Premier League action, while there is no-one better-informed to keep you in touch with today's Heineken Cup action (that's rugby union to you and me) than Mark "Rugby Mark" Orlovac.

Text in your views on 81111
1350: I'll need you to get involved during the day - join the debate with the snooker-loopy Saj Chowdhury, who's our man at Wembley, on 606 - or text us your views on 81111 (please start your text with the word "SNOOKER" to distinguish it from all the other sport today).

Get involved on 606
"I think Mark Selby is going to win, as Stephen Lee has been the less consistent of the two, and Mark has been more successful with his long potting"
BondFan25 on 606

1343: Afternoon, everyone - it's eyes down for the Masters final at Wembley, with Mark Selby taking on Stephen Lee.

If you were expecting Tom Fordyce to guide you through the final with the live text, I'm afraid he's gone down with the lurgy - so I'll be standing in for the first chunk of the final as proceedings get under way.

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